Built on an undying passion for contemporary fashion

We are an online boutique retailer based in Sydney, Australia with a mission to spread the appreciation of the art that is modern fashion for young women. We are a devoted team who celebrates the exquisite designs birthed from the seamless fusion between postmodern artistic impressionism and the uncompromising quality of perfect craftsmanship. The beauty of our contemporary fashion pieces encapsulate the timeless yet continually changing dynamic of our current outlook on high-end fashion. With modernism favouring minimalist architecture, this sense increasingly bleeds into the world of fashion, as clothing becomes louder, yet contained in a less visually complex design. However, the dressmakers we select still yet embrace the old traditional roots of women’s fashion with visually stunning masterpieces embedded with minute intricacies of the finest detail. For the fanciest of occasions, we want to cater for you and your little darlings so we can together celebrate the brilliance of fashion design offered by our selected dressmakers.

For your little darling

The unique marriage between contemporary art and old tradition leaves little more to be desired for spoiling your loved ones.